What kind of men like girls?


If on our forum you ask a question: how do I get to know a girl, with a 99% probability you will get an answer: come up and meet. Those who answer you like that are trying to assert themselves, because in due time they were answered exactly the same way. They answer absolutely correctly, although not in the way that the questioners would like. But for now a few words about why it is important to be able to meet girls.

Most men are limited to their social circle. Classmates, classmates, colleagues from work, 2-3 companies of acquaintances. And it turns out that they are in the “selectable” position, as there are few girls in these companies https://brightbrides.org/  and even fewer like them. And if a man gets into this position, he initially loses to a woman in a relationship. He will not be the leader, but he will be led. This is due to the lack of alternatives, many men agree to a relationship, because: so comfortable, there is regular, though mediocre, sex, now there is no better option, and so on, add your reason.

When you are interesting as a man to only one or two girls, you become dependent on their opinions. If not they - then who? Such uncertainty frightens off many, because you will need to do something, and you refuse more, being satisfied with less.

If you do not care - close our site, you are not with us on the way.

If you know how to meet on the street, regularly do it, do not hide your desires - you are sincere with yourself. Girls feel it, they love hunters, love winners. Yes, and it becomes more pleasant. No matter what anyone says, it's important for us to feel confident.

But how to meet? How to take the first step, what to say, how she will react. On the Internet you can find a bunch of answers to these questions, a huge number of first phrases, analysis of various situations, examples, but this is not easier. Having read motivating articles, you run out of the house into the street, and it begins. The girls are not the ones, the mood is not that, badly dressed, and in general ...

Understand. It is really hard. And here I have two news. Good - I will try to help you now. Bad - it will still be hard. And if at the trainings I would say: contact our sapports, they will help, in the article I will tell you like this: give up, but do it. But first help.